Do your interventions depend on collaboration with (local) partners who share responsibility for your objectives? Do they contribute to the project by doing business at a local level?

Achieving Results Together

ProjectConnect can help you achieve optimal collaboration in the chain of organisation that you are coordinating. It provides direct access for partners, with standardised reporting formats that they can use to provide information on their progress. Partners have their own dashboards, so they can keep track of their achievements.

ProjectConnect_project management for NGOs & partners

Essential Modules

Project Management

Project Management for NGOs

Partner Contracts

Partner contracts_project management

Theory of Change

Theory of Change_project management

Project Financing

Project Financing_project management

Partner Management

Partner management_project management

Donor Management & Reporting

Donor Reporting_project management

Optional Modules

IATI reporting


Grant Management

Grant Management_project management

Outcome Harvesting

Outcome Harvesting_project management

Capacity Planning & Time Sheets

Capacity Planning_project management

Interfaces & Apps

Interfaces & apps_project management

Programme Monitoring

Programme Monitoring_project management

Project Updates

Project Updates_project management

Fund Management

Fund Management_project management

Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration_project management

Frequently asked questions

How can I include my partners in my projects?

You and your partners can co-operate within one project performing tasks from both sides. Partners use their own web interface. They can, for instance, submit project proposals to acquire funding from your organisation. When a proposal is approved, a contract for this particular project will be set up. From here on, you will be able to register a payment scheme and conditions, that can be monitored during the entire life cycle of the project.

How do I manage access to ProjectConnect for myself and my partners?

You can grant access to users based on their involvement in your projects. For each participating organisation you can decide which user can access as project manager, contract manager, PME officer, finance officer and so on. Based on these involvements, users gain access to ProjectConnect and can perform their tasks. In this way, we can personalise user’s dashboards and to-do lists.

I need a single source of information as a base for my reports. Does ProjectConnect streamline analysis and reporting?

Within ProjectConnect you can store, share and edit any kind of files and documents. All saved results can be exported for further analysis and processing. You can set up reporting formats that are made available as documents, so that stakeholders do not need to access ProjectConnect directly. It is also possible to grant viewing rights for those who are not directly involved in the project, but need to be informed.

Read more about Project Management module and all possible ways ProjectConnect may support your standard workflows and processes.

Does ProjectConnect support joint reporting, such as IATI?

IATI reporting is an integral part of ProjectConnect; it is incorporated in your project flow. The IATI Reporting Connector enables a controlled and user-friendly upload of your project data. No XML knowledge or any outside support is needed to file your reports.

Read more about IATI reporting.

We are dealing with a bad internet connection. Can we still use ProjectConnect?

Although ProjectConnect is a web-based application, for which an internet connection is a must, we do support offline working through apps, for example for collecting data in the field and performing project updates.

Read more about offline capabilities under Project Updates and Interfaces and Apps.