ProjectConnect takes the privacy of your personal data seriously.
ProjectConnect develops software and delivers services to organizations in the not-for-profit sectors. In the relationship with our customers we value transparency and trust. This is how we like to work together.

Purpose of this Privacy Statement
We understand that you are careful with your personal information, and we take that seriously. This privacy statement describes how we handle the collection and use of your personal data. We also indicate what rights you have. We see data protection and privacy as an ongoing responsibility. Therefore, we may amend this Privacy Statement, for example if there is reason to do so under the General Data Protection Regulation.

By "personal data" we mean all information that identifies a person. This could be name and address details, but also other data that could be used to identify you.

What data we process
ProjectConnect is responsible for the data we process. In addition, we are processor for our clients. With our customers we have signed a processing agreement. Below we describe which categories of personal data we process.

  • Name, address, city details
  • E-mail addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Sex
  • Work-related data, such as organization, position, office address
  • Any work-related authority, for example if you are authorized to sign agreements with us
  • Details of participation in training courses, meetings or appointments, events, possibly also photographs
  • The (email) contacts we received from you or sent to you
  • Messages that you have recorded in our support system
  • Requests for change you have submitted, including further correspondence and follow-up.

What we use this data for
The purposes for which we process your data are described below.

  • To answer your questions if you are interested in our solutions or services.
  • For maintaining contact and making an appointment if you want to meet us
  • To inform the reception desk when you visit us, so that we can welcome you
  • For preparing agreements if you purchase our solutions or services and for executing the agreements and projects.
  • To create user accounts if we need to do so
  • To invite you to meetings if we think you might be interested in them, for example because of your function or responsibility
  • To post news on our website or our social media channels
  • For sending mailings, so we can keep you informed of developments in our services and in our organization

The General Data Protection Regulation requires that there must be a legal basis for processing personal data. We don't want to make it complicated, but in a nutshell, we process your data either to perform a contract, or based on legitimate interest. There are some exceptions in which we ask for permission, for example, for posting a photo in which you are featured or posting on social media and/or website.

How long we keep your data
We keep your data in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • All data related to contracts and business transactions, we keep at least as long as the law requires
  • All data relating to projects we carry out for you as a client will be kept for at least as long as the client relationship lasts.
  • All data that we process in connection with marketing or interest you have shown or contact we have had, we will process until you let us know that you are no longer interested in our solutions or services

Any personal data we delete from our systems is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Who we share data with
Of course, we do not share personal data with third parties, except under the following circumstances:

  • When the sharing of your data is necessary for the performance of a contract we have entered into with you
  • When you have requested it yourself or we have received your explicit consent in advance
  • When we are forced by a legal obligation or court order

We share data with the following categories of subprocessors. With each subprocessor we have entered into a processor agreement, which ensures that our data protection policy is also enforced by the subprocessors.

  • With our partner Pluriform Software, because of the community platform in which the notifications, projects and communications around licenses are handled
  • With our IT partner Solimas, because of the outsourcing of our IT support to this partner

In addition, we make use of our flexible pool, self-employed people who help us to realize software, do consultancy or project management, or provide support. We have made agreements with them that have similar clauses as those we make with employees.

What rights you have
The General Data Protection Regulation gives you a number of rights which we will explain below. We also explain how you can exercise these rights

  • You can request access to the data that we process about you. We will send you the data within the legal deadline of 1 month. It helps us if you specify which data you want to see. Then we can tailor the inspection to that.
  • You can ask us to rectify any data that is incorrect. We do not do this lightly, it must of course be verifiable.
  • You can ask us to delete your data. In that case we will do so, unless any legal obligation to retain or another interest prevails.
  • You can ask for restriction of processing. This means that we are not allowed to process your data (usually for a certain period of time).
  • You can ask for the data to be transferred. In that case we will provide your data in an export file, possibly directly to another party you designate.

If you make one of the above requests, we will ask you to identify yourself. We naturally want to prevent your data from being viewed by anyone other than yourself, unless you have given that person permission to do so. Requests can be sent by e-mail to

If you are not satisfied with how we handle your personal data, or you notice something that you want to report to us, you can report this by e-mail  or by phone (see contact details below)

If there are any complaints that we cannot resolve together, it is possible to submit them to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This body supervises compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. They can therefore independently investigate complaints.

Contact details
ProjectConnect, Tielweg 16, 2803 PK, Gouda
0182 - 781 636

Date of last modification: 28 December 2021