Are you a not-for-profit organisation that engages in both fundraising and project management activities? Could you use a better overview of your projects, programmes, grants, available resources, budgets and results? Do you feel that you collect a lot of data, but gain little information? Do you wish to work more efficiently with a standardised project management system?

Optimise Projects, Maximise Impact

To optimise your project management is to maximise the impact you aim to achieve. We recognize that your projects, the actions that you take to achieve a sustainable change, are the core of your efforts and that you need solutions to get things done. ProjectConnect provides you with a tailored project management tool and services to do so.

ProjectConnect_project management for NGOs

Essential Modules

Project Management

Project Management for NGOs

Theory of Change

Theory of Change_project management

Project Financing

Project Financing_project management

Donor Management & Reporting

Donor Reporting_project management

Optional Modules

IATI reporting


Partner Contracts

Partner contracts_project management

Grant Management

Grant Management_project management

Partner Management

Partner management_project management

Outcome Harvesting

Outcome Harvesting_project management

Capacity Planning & Time Sheets

Capacity Planning_project management

Interfaces & Apps

Interfaces & apps_project management

Programme Monitoring

Programme Monitoring_project management

Project Updates

Project Updates_project management

Fund Management

Fund Management_project management

Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration_project management

Frequently asked questions

I want to standardise my project management methods. How can ProjectConnect help me?

ProjectConnect has been developed in collaboration with a number of NGOs that have all contributed their knowledge and experience. Based on their best practices, ProjectConnect provides standardized project management software, offering proven methods based on the Theory of Change, IATI standards and PM&E functionality, such as Outcome Harvesting.

ProjectConnect aims to cover the full scope of the project, from the first concept note to the final evaluation, from its funding, to realisation, monitoring and reporting. Read more about Project Management to discover which workflows are supported.

Every stakeholder in your projects will get information from the same source, so you will no longer have to search through a pile of documents and e-mails to find what you need. In this way you can manage your projects more efficiently and with greater transparency.

How can I get more insight in what funding is available for my projects?

In ProjectConnect you can register multiple sources of funding, such as grants and donations, and allocate them to your projects. A personalised dashboard will allow you to track budgeted and realised funding at a glance. ProjectConnect helps you gain insight in the projects that still need funding. Read more about Project Financing and Grant Management.

Can I integrate ProjectConnect with my other IT systems?

ProjectConnect is open for integration with other IT systems and supports interfaces based on CSV, XML and APIs. We provide several standardised interfaces with external systems using an integration layer, thus allowing other applications and systems to tap in and exchange project funding, coordination and execution related information. The integration layer enables connecting mobile apps, widening the opportunities to include and connect project workers and even donors to the project.

Read more about the possibilities under Interfaces and Apps.

Can ProjectConnect be adapted to my specific programmes and projects?

ProjectConnect is set up to be configurable to fit your organisation’s requirements. Whether you are a small organisation, working on your own, or an NGO with hundreds of partners, ProjectConnect can support your workflows.
Starting with setting up your organisation network, a project structure and one or more programmes, result frameworks and budget formats, you can compile the requested modules to cover your needs. Configuration settings include:

  • Projects, programmes and themes
  • Users and their involvements
  • Organisations and partner organisations
  • Result frameworks
  • Indicators
  • Budget formats
  • Currencies and exchange rates
  • Customised reports
  • Personalised dashboards and alerts
  • Milestones
  • Project phases

Read more about Project Management.