What capacity do I have for my projects? Who has worked on which projects this month? If you ever need to monitor or report on spent hours and if your resources are scarce, ProjectConnect can help you with capacity planning and hours accounting.

In your project’s budget, you can allocate project participants for a certain amount of hours per month. In this way, you can plan the available capacity for each project. If you record project rates, our system will enable you to register project-specific day rates per employee, and help you to keep track on both, actual written time and human resource expenditures on your projects.

It will be easy for every staff member to register week sheets in ProjectConnect. By registering working hours spent on your projects, you are in full control of the actual time spent versus planned capacity.

Capacity Planning_ProjectConnect

Key benefits

  • Easy to record all spent hours per project

  • Quick view on current capacity

  • Efficient use of resources

  • Insights per employee, period and allocated amount

Capacity Planning_project management

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