Designed for Not-for-profits

We use the terminology that not-for-profit organisations are familiar with. We apply the concepts relevant to the non-profit sector.

Entire project life cycle supported

From grant management (funding), to donor reporting and all stages in between.

Modular approach

You can select what functions are relevant for you. Working with Partners? Just switch the module and benefit from it. Working in an alliance? Same thing!

Integral project overview and insight

No more excel versions sent back-and-forth. All parties involved in the project are looking at the same picture. Status and progress of projects are easily accessible.

Easy donor reporting

Activities, costs and results are easily aggregated and reported to (back-) donors.

IATI-reporting in one-click

IATI reporting is fully embedded in ProjectConnect, eliminating manual efforts and preventing errors.

Supports the Theory of Change

For each project a specific logical framework with impacts, outcomes, outputs and activities with their indicators and budgeted amounts.

Increased productivity

Project workers can be more productive. ProjectConnect tracks statuses, informs employee to take action, delivers information at the right time to the right people.


We know that project data can be highly sensitive. Your data is protected by a highly secure cloud-based infrastructure.