Is your organisation looking for a solution to optimise your projects in order to maximise social impact? We can help you get started today. Contact us to find out whether ProjectConnect can meet your needs.

Step 1. Introduction
We are happy to show you the benefits of ProjectConnect during a demo. We will come to your office or provide an online presentation of ProjectConnect.

Step 2. Assessment
Are you ready for project-based working? Do you have your logical framework in place, or do you need some help to do so? We can assess your project organisation in order to fit ProjectConnect to your needs.

Step 3. Define & Design
How can you make the best use of ProjectConnect? Which modules do you need to optimise your projects? We can help you to set up the project structure and optimise the tool for you.

Step 4. Implementation
If you need further assistance in rolling out ProjectConnect in your organisation, with your partners or within a consortium, we can help you with the implementation. We will make sure that our solution works for you. Ready to get started?

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