Have you taken part in international networks for quite some time? Do you want to improve the way your businesses engage? Relations between actors in development are changing, and are becoming more diverse and transnational than ever before.

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

ProjectConnect can help you define and manage your joint strategy without denying your organisational identity or way of working. It offers an IT solution that centralises your shared impact and supports your alliance with an easy-to-set-up project management platform.

ProjectConnect_project management for NGOs & alliance partners

Essential Modules

Project Management

Project Management for NGOs

Partner Contracts

Partner contracts_project management

Theory of Change

Theory of Change_project management

Project Financing

Project Financing_project management

Partner Management

Partner management_project management

Donor Management & Reporting

Donor Reporting_project management

Collaboration Management

Consortium_project management

Optional Modules

IATI reporting


Grant Management

Grant Management_project management

Outcome Harvesting

Outcome Harvesting_project management

Capacity Planning & Time Sheets

Capacity Planning_project management

Interfaces & Apps

Interfaces & apps_project management

Project Updates

Project Updates_project management

Fund Management

Fund Management_project management

Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration_project management

Frequently asked questions

How can our stakeholders work together in ProjectConnect?

All stakeholders from participating organisations can be granted access based on their involvements in your projects. Stakeholders will be notified when their specific action is needed, using personalised dashboards and to-do-lists or notifications sent by e-mail. ProjectConnect also reports viewing rights for those who are not directly involved, but need to be informed.

Furthermore, you can set up reporting formats that are made available as documents, so that stakeholders do not need to access ProjectConnect directly.

Read more about Project Management.

Does ProjectConnect support joint reporting, such as IATI?

IATI reporting is an integral part of ProjectConnect; it is incorporated in your project flow. The IATI Reporting Connector enables a controlled and user-friendly upload of your project data. No XML knowledge or any outside support is needed to file your reports.

As a consortium, you can report as one entity. We encourage you to register your joint Theories of Change, programmes and projects in a shared ProjectConnect platform. In this way, joint reporting is easy to accomplish.

Read more about IATI reporting.

How do I synchronise my own IT systems with ProjectConnect without increasing administration?

ProjectConnect supports you with interfaces to synchronise the different systems. For example, if you need accounting information from your bookkeeping system to validate your expenditures in ProjectConnect, we can support this through an interface (either standard or to be configured).

Read more about Interfaces and Apps.