Since most of NGOs’ acquired funding is earmarked for specific purposes or projects, you need to have clear division of which funds are available for which projects.

With the Project Financing module you will gather more insight in the fundraising of your organisation and show how these funds are allocated or can be allocated to your planned or running projects. The ambition is to gain insight from two directions: the way in which funds can be allocated on projects and vice versa. This can be done by labeling, based on various characteristics. These characteristics can for instance be thematic or geographical in nature.

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Income Budgeting
Funds, donations and grants can be allocated to projects (or project proposals) that have not yet or only been partially financed. This will be recorded as an income budget within your project.

Income Monitoring
When you register funds that have been realised on your project, you will see an overview in ProjectConnect of realised income for each type of income. This will help you in coordination actions necessary to keep income in line with expenses.

Key benefits

  • Transparency in available funding

  • Keeps track of multiple funding sources

  • Supports income budgeting and income monitoring

  • Insight in fundraising for all stakeholders

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