pchome2We know that realising change is not working miracles. Instead it is working hard, motivated by compassion for people, in projects, alongside other professionals.

To support you on this mission, Matthat Software developed ProjectConnect, as a joint effort with 10 NGOs that acknowledge the importance of constructive cooperation with their international partners.

Manage your projects from start to finish
ProjectConnect is a web based project management platform that allows you to manage your projects in close collaboration with your partners from start to finish. Our focus is on serving International oriented organizations and NGOs which are working on different projects with multiple partners worldwide.

One source for you and your partners to access your projects
Project Connect is a unique solution for registering and monitoring inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact. Our platform is designed to support result based project management and supports industry-specific methodologies, such as logical frameworks, Theory of Change, specific budget formats and IATI reporting.

Reporting made easy
Monitoring and reporting on your projects’ results is made easy. The project data may be entered locally, but it will be stored in a central database and can be queried on any moment to gain insight into costs and results.

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