In the conception of modern NGOs, the organization is no longer the central element. The focus is on the project – the key element that will go through the lifecycle of project proposal, initiation, budgeting, funding and contracting, then execution and reporting, and eventually completion. ProjectConnect integrates and provides proven methods based on the Theory of Change, IATI standards and PM&E functionality, such as Outcome Harvesting.

ProjectConnect aims to cover the full scope of the project, from the first concept note to the final evaluation, from its funding sources, through amendments, to justification and reporting. ProjectConnect provides you with the divers modules to build a solid project structure. With our project management software the following activities are supported:

• Breakdown of projects by programmes
• Set up a result framework (impact, outcome, output, activity)
• Register an income budget with your planned sources of income
• Register projects with result plans and targets
• Register budgets in specific predefined formats
• Tracking of activities and indicators
• Get overviews of results and expenditures
• Monitor your programmes and projects by status or burn rate
• Report on your expenses and results
• Shared project information with stakeholders
• Milestones overview, alerts and notification for (overdue) activities

A personalized dashboard will display all the information you need at a glance to remain in control by monitoring the progress of your projects.

Project Management_ProjectConnect

Key benefits

  • Designed for NGOs

  • Results framework with indicators to measure your progress

  • Budget registration and easy-to-read burn rate

  • Systematic monitoring and evaluation

  • One source of information for every stakeholder

  • Customized dashboards

  • Supports entire lifecycle of the project

Project Management for NGOs

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