ProjectConnect is open for integration with other IT systems and supports interfaces based on CSV, XML and APIs. We provide several standardised interfaces with external systems using an integration layer, allowing other applications and systems to tap in and exchange project funding, coordination and execution related information. The integration layer enables connecting mobile apps, widening the opportunities to include and connect project workers and even donors to the project.

Enhance Project Engagement

  • Publish project updates directly to the project website to inform all stakeholders of project progress and achievements.
  • Engage donors to projects by providing an app and pushing updates on projects of interest
  • Integrate ProjectConnect with your third party Donor Management System, to send personalized updates on projects supported by specific donors

Data Exchange for Efficiency

  • ProjectConnect provides a number of apps that help you work offline or in the field.
  • Connect apps to collect data directly at the source: project workers at location, smart meters, which data can be registered as output.
  • Receive output data from third party systems (e.g. a system to manage trainings)
  • Send project transactions to your bookkeeping system for automated bookings
  • Connect alliance member/partner systems to ProjectConnect and exchange data for joined projects (e.g. for consortia)

Key benefits

  • Easy to use and integrate

  • Enhanced user experience

  • Include and engage donors

  • Online and Offline access

  • Higher productivity

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