ProjectConnect Roadmap_Data en Informatie

On Thursday, October 28, we will gather with a large part of our community at the Lichtfabriek Gouda for the Roadmap Event. In this historic building it is all about energy. In 1910, this is where the power was generated to keep the lights on in the homes of Gouda. Energy ‘flows’, ‘illuminates’, ‘heats’, but only works if there is a connection. That also applies to our community: Let’s connect and use our energy to build together for good causes worldwide! In short: Plug in!


The event is all about data and information. What information do you need to do your job well? Through which glasses do you look, and what do you see? Perhaps these questions will shed a whole new light on the matter, on the data that you will get from the ProjectConnect platform.
We would also like to engage in a conversation with our partners to determine the Roadmap for the coming year.

We hope for an energizing event and look forward to welcoming our partners in Gouda!

For more information about our proposition check out the modules and solutions.

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