Visual posting webinar series-3-2

ProjectConnect Foundation, in cooperation with Woord en Daad Foundation, presents a series of three Mini-Webinars, 30 minutes each. In the three webinars, the different stages of the Project Finance Life-Cycle will be highlighted, insights shared and smart solutions explained.

The first webinar will focus on the financing or funding part. Managing project financing can be a challenging job. How can I match available funds with my implementation projects most effectively? How can I manage grants, so that reporting to my donor is made easier? How do I make clear what the impact of their donation is? 
Date and time: Thursday, May 20th, 4.00PM (CET)

The second webinar will address how restricted funds can be managed. Managing restricted funds can be a challenge for NGO’s. In this webinar, Woord en Daad foundation will explain how they manage their funds. And how they support fundraisers with a dashboard which allows them to focus on the funds with most need. 
Date and time: Thursday, May 27th, 4.00PM (CET)

The third webinar dives in the the questions about reporting. How do you deal with the different reporting formats, templates and preferences of back-donors? This is a challenge every project controller faces. And how do you consolidate financial data of individual projects to the programme and organizational level? 
Date and time: Thursday, June 3rd, 4.00PM (CET)

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