ProjectConnect - recognised publishing tool by IATI

In our new version of ProjectConnect, we have made the publication of  IATI v2.03 possible, so that ProjectConnect remains up-to-date and complies with the rules and guidance of the IATI Standard.

The upgrade of our IATI module in ProjectConnect aims to improve the quality and usability of data which is now possible in the language of your choice. Version 2.03 makes it possible to better capture data on:

  • Measuring results – version 2.03 changes the way baseline, target and actual results are reported, which improves consistency and allows the results of activities to be analysed in different ways e.g. by gender or education status. These improvements will help users to better understand the impact or difference that development cooperation and humanitarian assistance has made.
  • Traceability –  funds and activities published to IATI can be understand and followed. IATI data can be used to track funds from one organisation to another through complex delivery chains.

Further information
With the version 2.03 ProjectConnect enables reporting more granular humanitarian data to IATI. If you need any assistance in how to apply your data to the current IATI Standard, feel free to contact us for support at

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