ProjectConnect and Sustainable Development Goals

ProjectConnect Foundation is committed to the non-profit sector. Together with our partners we actively shape the future towards #unite2030. Our ICT solution proposes a path forward for achieving positive sustainable change in the world. It includes a digital space for collaboration across borders, nationalities and sectors.

In this context we invite you to join the conversation at a Global Goals Week, an annual week of action, awareness, and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An initiative to encourage dialog and collaboration between 130+ partners across civil society, business, academia, and the UN system. This event, held from September 17-26, 2021, will engage people around the world, both in-person and virtually, in conversation and action to supercharge and accelerate solutions for the SDGs. #poverty#gender#climatechange#inequality

Be a changemaker and join our journey! Learn more about ProjectConnect and how it can shift your working methods and collaboration. 👉 Contact us today!

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