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Change is the only constant. This equally applies to social impact projects, changes in co-operation structures, collaboration processes and donor requirements. Hence, supporting project management systems should continuously innovate to deliver ongoing value. ProjectConnect is complete project management solution with innovative features, options and modules. With the modular structure gets as closely as possible to your organization’s needs.

So, what’s new in the latest release and what’s the value for your organization? All items below are developed in co-creation with our ProjectConnect partners.

  • The Relationship Management module is extended with new filters. You can easily search for people in your organisation and add contacts.
  • With the new User Account Management module you can now create and manage user accounts directly from ProjectConnect.
  • The Authorization module allows for recording formal approval by different users (such as approving a project proposal or releasing a contract payment). It is possible to set a sequence of approvers, based on engagements and there is a space for comments and explanation.
  • With the Release Budget functionality, you can limit the amount that can be actually spent on the project, by releasing a limited amount from the project’s expense budget. In short, the Release Budget module consists of the following:
    – Register certainty of income in your project’s income budget
    – Release budget with the approval of your project proposal
    – Monitoring released budget on the project
    – Maintain the budget limit during the execution of your project
  • When setting up an income budget, you can now set funding targets based on donor groups. These donor groups can be set up to your own preference and will add insight in the sources of your funding.
  • With the module Own Contribution, you can record and manage own contribution of a (consortium) partner within the partner contract.

All software innovations in ProjectConnect are selected and prioritized by ProjectConnect partners. This co-creation is unique in the software industry and one of the cornerstones of ProjectConnect; to deliver a solution which is the result of collective insights and best-practices of NGOs themselves.

The co-creation process is a repeating process, starting with drafting a common roadmap, which is openly discussed and prioritized. Innovations are realized according to this roadmap and directly tested and put into production by the contributing ProjectConnect partners. This approach ensures that testing is done by stakeholders who were involved as off the early design phase, a major advantage to quickly stabilize software.

Realization and software delivery is an optimized process, an ‘assembly line’ with delivery at fixed dates, namely every four weeks.

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