Date & Time

Thursday October 12, 2023

13.30 - 16.30 CEST





You already work with ProjectConnect. Do you understand what you are doing and why, or do you blindly follow the prescribed steps?

ProjectConnect is a comprehensive platform; it incorporates all aspects of project management. Perhaps partners also work in your system, and project financing is also fully included in the setup. This means that on the one hand you have access to a lot of information, but that it also sometimes requires some searching before you find what you need, and that you may not always understand what you are doing. If this sounds familiar, then this training is for you!

In three hours, our consultants will take you through ProjectConnect. They will explain the structure of ProjectConnect and show the connection between the different modules. They zone in on the Theory of Change to explain the basics of project-based working in ProjectConnect.

The workshop will help you navigate the system with more focus and also help you find the right information. You will gain insight into which parts of the project are important to your colleagues and why.

Some questions we will focus on: the Theory of Change: how is this incorporated into ProjectConnect? How does this translate into a results plan? What is the relationship with the budget? How do you monitor the results during the project? And what do you see of this in a report, in an IATI file, on your dashboard?



  • You understand the structure and can logically place your work within it

  • You understand what role your work plays in relation to the whole operation

  • You understand why you do what you do

  • The quality of the data improves

  • You meet and exchange experiences with fellow users

Practical Details

  • The training takes about 3 hours
  • The cost for participation is only € 240, - excl. VAT per participant
  • Free cancellation is possible up to 3 days before the training. After that 50% of the costs will be charged. In case of a no-show, 100% will be charged. A participant can always be replaced by a colleague from the same organization
  • You can register using the registration button below
  • The training will be given subject to sufficient participants