At the start of a new global project a project manager faces the challenge of collecting and connecting all available data from the different parties: donors, partners and beneficiaries, including their budgets and desired results.

ProjectConnect offers the perfect tool to support this process. A web based platform that is accessible to all stakeholders for defining project proposals, applying for grants, monitoring the progress of their projects and reporting. Project Connect is IATI-proof and offers ready-to-use methods, based on the Theory of Change

This is how it works.

Your project starts with a proposal, which contains the planned results and budget formats. This proposal is submitted to one or more donor parties.

The donor will look at the proposal. An online assessment may be used by the donor to support the decision-making process. Approval of the proposal leads to a contract. This contract includes the payment terms and conditions that are agreed upon. Your project is now in progress! Now it comes down to planning and monitoring


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