milestonesThe milestone planning option allows you to define the desired interim results along the way until the final results have been achieved.

By doing so, you can directly compare the planned periodical targets with the realized results as a result justification to all stakeholders. This can be submitted in ProjectConnect during the execution of your project with a stated frequency, for example, each quarter.

In the same way, you can divide your budget in periodical amounts (per month, quarter, halfyear). It allows you to connect the reported results with corresponding costs.

matrixIn this way, Project Connect realises the complete matrix of targets & results and budgets & expenditures per project, providing insight in the progress of your projects for all stakeholders.

The information provided allows you to monitor all your projects and compare cost effectiveness between your running projects from any place and at any time.

contractsAll agreements between participating parties are registered in contracts, providing stakeholders with real-time insight into the current balance of transfers, payments and expenditures.

In ProjectConnect you can even manage the balance of payments with your partners by settling the outstanding payments with the balance from earlier projects.

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