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Partos Innovation Festival – personal impression

Innovation Festival brought many inspiring civic initiatives together to encourage co-creation and to build an innovation upon the needs of the Dutch development organisations and discover solutions for digital challenges.

Partos Innovation Festival

ProjectConnect Foundation at the Partos Innovation Festival

At Thursday and Friday, 8th and 9th of October, the Innovation Festival of Partos will be held. As we are passionate about adding value through innovation and improving the standards for social impact projects and partnerships, we happily joined the Digital Journey – an initiative of Partos – and worked in the Joint Action Groups (JAG)…

Project Life Cycle in ProjectConnect

Recently, ProjectConnect held two webinars. These are the topics which generated the most interest.

ProjectConnect Foundation hosted two webinars to show NGOs an overview of project management platform that has been developed in co-creation with ProjectConnect Partners in the non-profit sector.

ProjectConnect_effetive collaboration in partnerships

Effective Collaboration in Partnerships

How might we support organizations who are at the start of their partnership to collaborate effectively and inclusively in their temporary setup? This was the central question for our Joint Action Group #6, part of the Spindle initiative of Partos. One of the Spindle projects addressed the Digital Journey, to build an innovation upon the needs of the Dutch development organizations and discover solutions for digital challenges.

Webinar “Managing Social Impact Projects with ProjectConnect”

Webinar “Managing Social Impact Projects with ProjectConnect”

How do you manage projects with social impact? How do you effectively manage cooperation with partner organizations? How do you monitor the overall project in this collaboration?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a group of NGOs manage their projects with ProjectConnect.


Managing Social Impact Projects with ProjectConnect

ProjectConnect is a sector-driven initiative. NGOs participate as ProjectConnect partners and work within ProjectConnect together with strategic knowledge partners, with the aim of further expanding the platform and optimally supporting the information provision and cooperation around social impact projects.

Roadmap meeting

ProjectConnect Roadmap Meeting 2020 – where innovation, success and agility perfectly go together

ProjectConnect partners met again on Thursday 13 February to set the course for innovation in the industry.

ProjectConnect - recognised publishing tool by IATI

IATI upgrade to version 2.03 – co-working on more effective aid

In our new version of ProjectConnect, we have made the publication of  IATI v2.03 possible, so that ProjectConnect remains up-to-date and complies with the rules and guidance of the IATI Standard. The upgrade of our IATI module in ProjectConnect aims to improve the quality and usability of data which is now possible in the language of…



The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) has reached a milestone of 1000 organisations publishing their spending using the IATI Standard.



What is new in ProjectConnect? How can you use each of these functions to their fullest? Even more important, how do you implement ProjectConnect in your organization, while maintaining support of all stakeholders? The intension of the last Platform Meeting with a large group of ProjectConnect key users was to give an overview from management…