A sector-driven initiative to provide not-for-profit organisations and their partners with a project management platform in order to achieve social impact together. 

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For your Organisation

ProjectConnect_project management for NGOs & partners

For your Co-operation with Partners

ProjectConnect_project management for NGOs & alliance partners

For your Collaboration within Alliances

Product Overview

ProjectConnect is designed for a project-based approach in the not-for-profit sector. It aims to support the not-for-profit organisations in achieving their mission. It provides an effective ICT solution to improve the performance of your teams, projects and programmes, supporting everything from grant management to operations with local partners in the field and reporting to donors.

Grant / Fund Management

  • Transparency in available funding
  • Keeps track of multiple funding sources
  • Insight in fundraising for all stakeholders
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Partner Management

  • Partner account management
  • Working on behalf of partners
  • Partner reporting formats
  • Shared document library
  • Project updates
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Project / Programme Management

  • Registration of plans, activities and resources
  • Results framework with indicators/targets to measure your progress
  • Budget registration and easy-to-read burn rate
  • Project involvements at a glance
  • Supports the entire lifecycle of the project
  • Capacity planning & time sheets
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Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Overview of project/programmes
  • Aggregation of results
  • One source of information for every stakeholder, 24/7
  • Easy monitoring on results and budget
  • Customized dashboards, alerts & notifications for upcoming tasks
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IATI / Donor Reporting

  • Automated publication in IATI XML format
  • Results and financial transactions included
  • No XML or technical knowledge needed
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Designed for NGOs

We use the terminology that the NGOs are used to. We apply the concepts relevant to the non-profit sector.

Increased productivity

Project workers are more productive. ProjectConnect tracks statuses, informs employee to take action, delivers information at the right time to the right people.

Modular approach

You can select what functions are relevant for you. Working with Partners? Just switch the module and benefit from it. Working in an alliance? Same thing!

ProjectConnect has brought the whole world together despite geographical and spatial barriers. ProjectConnect has reduced the cost of time and the risks of losing information.

Moffat, Zambia

At first I was a bit afraid of this new system, but it is very well designed. I'm taking the first steps in the system and it works really well.

Stephen, Ghana

The Volunteer Dilemma at Social Impact Organizations

Many NGOs not only have paid staff, but also volunteers. All these people do their work with enthusiasm and commitment. They do valuable work for the organization and for society as a whole. NGOs also sometimes have to invest in making their internal processes better. You can think of an automatic telephone answering machine, because…

Empower communication and collaboration – use ProjectConnect!

The idea behind our IT solution is to focus on the project. As per definition it is easy to set-up, easy to deploy and easy to use. ProjectConnect is designed to be configurable to fit your organization’s requirements. Whether you are managing your own projects or collaborating with (local) partners who share your objectives.

About us

As a team and community we practice good stewardship and are passionate about what we do. In this context we develop and improve constantly. Our core values guide the way we co-operate and interact with each other.

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The ProjectConnect partners are active investors with a hands-on mentality. Being forward-looking they also participate in decisions that affect the further development of ProjectConnect and advocate for our mission.