Matthat Software and Newrise start working together!

 In ProjectConnect

Matthat Software and Newrise start working together to support non-profit organizations with an innovative way of fundraising and financing projects.
Both organizations look forward to a successful collaboration within ProjectConnect.

Theo Kranendonk (director Matthat Software) explains: “In order to properly support NGOs in the Netherlands and abroad in the execution of their projects, we have developed a ProjectManagement solution. The demand for this is growing. From the view that, in addition to the implementation, the recruitment of project funds is also important and requires attention, we are going to broaden our scope. That is why we look forward to starting this partnership with Newrise. In Newrise we have found a strategic partner who shares the same passion and motivation to support NGOs in the area of ​​fundraising and project financing.”

Martin Suithoff (director of Newrise) adds: “As an NGO, if you want to continue running your projects and want to recruit new donors, then the impact of your project must be tangible and clear to your intended target groups. In addition, it requires an innovative way of fundraising. That is why we complement the existing Project Management solution with a strategic total package for innovative and more efficient fundraising. The uniqueness of this is that all components reinforce each other and fundraising is optimized. That is why we think that this new cooperation offers enormous added value to NGOs at home and abroad. ”
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