Carapax IT and Matthat Software start their strategic partnership.

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Theo Kranendonk, director Matthat Software explains: “Matthat is growing through the active marketing of our Project Management solution that supports Charity organizations to meet the IATI guidelines. Thanks to this growth in customer projects, Matthat created the need for external and flexible support for software development. In Carapax IT we have found a partner that has the expertise to give a proper interpretation to this external support. “

Addy Borst, general director of Carapax IT, adds: “In fact, Carapax IT will offer flexible extension to the Matthat staff, making it easier to absorb fluctuations in the growth of the Matthat organization. A win-win approach rightly; Carapax IT is a social enterprise, with gifted autistic IT specialists at HBO / WO / PhD level, who support Matthat Software’s Charitable Relations in increasing their social impact. “

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On the photo from left to right: Ewout Suithoff, Addy Borst, Theo Kranendonk & Ronald van Vliet

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